Salamaq17: Digitanimal present with important news

Salamaq17 will have the best sample of livestock in southern Europe

Salamaq 2017 will hold a new edition from 6 to 11 September and Digitanimal will be present.

The 29th International Exhibition of Pure Livestock will reach this year in Salamaq17 excellence thanks to the collaboration between the Diputación de Salamanca and the Livestock Associations. This was highlighted by the head of La Salina, Javier

Iglesias, who accompanied the Agriculture deputy, Román Hernández, and representatives of associations, called the exhibition “a unique exhibition in Spain and southern Europe,” adding that “there is nowhere so much, variety and excellence “.

In the presentation of this event, the President of the Diputación stated that at the 29th International Exhibition of Pure Livestock “we put the illusion and the infrastructure, but the real protagonists are them, the cattlemen” because “thanks to their work makes possible see the best exposure every year “.

But if there was something that all stood out, it was the exceptionality of the sample, since “improving the pure breeds so that they have the right genetics is the end of the herds of select cattle,” said Iglesias.

The investment for the Pure Livestock Exhibition in Salamaq17 is 211,700 euros and it will go to approximately 1,600 copies, of which about 1,100 will be cattle.

Livestock associations present

On the part of the Livestock Associations, Gerardo Gómez, president of ABACYL, was present on behalf of the National Confederation of Breeders of Aquaculture Blonde Breed (CONABA); Florencio Herranz, president of the

National Association of Breeders of Charolais Cattle from Spain; Javier García, technical director of the Spanish Federation of Limousine Breeders; José Luis Urquijo, President of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Selected Cattle (FEAGAS); Alberto Martín, President of the Breeders Union of Beef Cattle of the Charolais Race of Spain (UCHAE) and José Manuel Sánchez, technical director of the National Association of Cattle Breeders of Breed Morucha Selecta.

Digitanimal in Salamaq17

In Digitanimal we will have an active participation in Salamaq 2017. We will be present at booth 158 of the central pavilion with a renovated stand and we will present, in addition to our complete catalog of products and services, an important new feature: beta”. This system will be available to all our users as of September 6, which will be a major step forward for monitoring and locating livestock and, without doubt, a great help for all breeders who already use our service.

“We hope they can visit us at our booth to expand information on the Digitanimal system and the new birth detection service.”

If you wish, you can also ask us for information through our web site

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