We visited the facilities of INRAe, reference center in animal monitoring in France

Digitanimal visits INRAe facilities for the first approach and design of the SmartCow experimental project “Detection of reproductive events with smart collars suitable for extensive cattle systems”

SmartCow project gives the possibility of testing or using different Cattle facilities in Europe for research purposes. For Digitanimal, such an opportunity is very interesting as normally research carried out was on commercial farms, where the main limitation for the development of robust calving and oestrus detection algorithms is the availability of high-quality reference data.This farm is an European reference centre forgrazing systems, where the improvements of Digitanimal technology fits perfectly.

During 22nd January Francisco Maroto, (professor of Agronomic studies in ETSIAM-University of Cordoba) and Ana Bugueiro (Veterinarian project manager at Digitanimal), visited INRAe facilities for the first approach and design of the experimental project. This project aims to remote monitoring animal behaviour in cattle (both dairy and beef) for offering improvements in livestock management. For this purpose, Digitanimal will workin their intelligence technology for calving and heat detection in Beef and dairy grazing systems.

paco maroto y ana bugueiro
Francisco Maroto and Ana Bugueiro visiting INRAe facilities

The entire study will be divided in two different experiments, one for calving period where the cows are 24h camera monitored. And the second one for heat detection, during spring and summer making use of the perfect grazing environment this farm owns. These animals will be managed under grazing conditions, and several observation sessions per day will be arranged in order to detect behaviour associated to oestrus.

From Digitanimal as a tech company we are very proud to work together with high levelresearch centres to develop the best solutions for livestock farmers.

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