“I Avoided the Loss of a Stallion Thanks to GPS Collar Alerts”

Aitor Bergaretxea, a breeder of cows and mares, tells us how he was able to locate a stallion trapped in a barbed wire fence.

GPS tracker for livestock

Aitor Bergaretxea manages a small herd of mares and cows in Aixta (Araia). Since childhood, he has worked with animals as his parents had a large herd of pigs. He has always had mares, a small flock of sheep and goats, and in recent years, a small herd of cows.

Both his herd of cows and mares spend 8 months in the public mountains of the area. Before Digitanimal, tracking and controlling them was a complicated task that took him many hours. And let’s not forget about the time of the first births, when one of them separates from the herd, making their location and control very difficult.

“Several colleagues started using the first devices and honestly, I thought it was a great idea that would help me a lot to ensure the well-being of my animals. I decided to start by buying two devices, one for each herd, and it really changed the way I track them. What used to take me long hours in the mountains is now just a click away on my phone. I must say that one drawback is that in many mountain areas, the coverage is poor and sometimes updating the location points can take a few hours. Still, I am very happy and to this day, I already have 5 GPS devices.”

GPS for cattle

Aitor tells us that he uses the app daily, finding it very simple and quite comprehensive. In addition to its main function of locating the livestock, it also helps them track their recent movements. “It gives us a lot of clues as to where the herd may have scattered.”

On December 2nd, the GPS tracker for horses worn by the stallion grazing in the Sierra de Entzia sent him an alert of device misplacement. The signal emitted was constantly at the same point. He went to search for it and thanks to the device marker, it didn’t take long to find it.

“I thought the horse had lost the collar, but to my surprise, the animal was caught in barbed wires limiting the area. Thanks to the alert that warned me that the device was misplaced, I was able to act and avoid any loss.”

GPS tracker for horses

“In conclusion, I am very satisfied with the devices. Moreover, whenever I have needed technical support, they have provided me with the best solutions quickly and simply. I would like to especially thank Arancha from technical support for her dedication, as when it comes to my animals, it is very important to me.”

Digitanimal would like to thank Aitor for sharing his story with the community, as well as for his trust in us. At Digitanimal, the well-being of your animals is our top priority. Cases like this inspire us to continue working to promote the future of extensive livestock farming.

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