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15% OFF

Paquete de iniciación (2 GPS)

299,90 254,90


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Paquete para todo el año (10 GPS)

1.499,00 999,00


Full Coverage

Pack coverage (20 GPS + Antenna)



Welcome to the Livestock 4.0 farm

We help you improve the profitability of your farm by controlling your animals, providing peace of mind

Location and monitoring for extensive livestock

Weight control in the feedlot

Innovation and digitalization

Research and wildlife

What do ​our clients ​think?

95% of our clients are very satisfied with Digitanimal. Remember that our main objective is to support farmers to monetize their farm, increasing their tranquility in the day to day

Our support team will always be at your disposal

We work day by day to improve our service

One target: help farmers on their daily basis

Present in more than 50 countries

Digitanimal already has a presence in more than 50 countries around the world, where we guarantee the tranquility of the farmer, and above all we help to optimize his exploitation.

More than 65 million data analyzed per year

More than 38 million km traveled per year by our animals

More than 3,000 clients worldwide

Designed and manufactured in Spain

Central Office

Avenida de Castilla, 1 – Oficina 7B,  28830, San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, Spain.  

Málaga Office

Avda. Juan López Peñalver, 21, 29590 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, Málaga, Spain.  

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