Digitanimal. Cattle localization and monitoring system


Digitanimal. Control your Cattle wherever you are We introduce you to Digitanimal, the most powerful and effective cattle localization and monitoring system on the market. In 2014, four professionals, an Industrial and livestock engineer, two physicists and a telecommunications engineer, joined forces to create Stepla (current Digitanimal). The idea arose with the objective of covering a professional need

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Precision Livestock


Precision livestock is the term which applies to technology that allows the farmer to make accurate decisions based on actual data from the herd. Its development is favored by an increase in the number of animals on farms, allowing the farmer to prioritize his attention on certain events (calving, zeal, diseases, losses in fertility, changes

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DIGITANIMAL at Salamaq16


Salamaq16, one of the most important livestock trade fairs in Spain, started on 7th of September. Salamaq16 received 115.000 visitors in 5 days. The historical record in the auction of two individuals from Limousin race was achieved with a final price of 14.700€ and 17.300€. The next image shows “Faraud” the stallion from Charolais race.

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Study regarding cattle behaviour


At the present time, the farms have at their disposal new technologies that allow them to manage in a more efficient way their productions. The ability to gather data automatically from the livestock, such as physiological parameters, production parameters and behavioural through sensor-based solutions, allows to determine the condition in which each individual of the

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