Optimise your livestock farm

Peace and savings at your on your livestock

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Learn more about the most powerful tool to localise and monitor extensive livestock.





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    Learn more about the most powerful tool to localise and monitor extensive livestock.





      Tranquility and savings in your livestock

      Just relax! Digitanimal cares your animals

      You can already know where and how your livestock is anywhere. With Digitanimal, you can track the past displacements of your livestock. Let’s set up alerts and Digitanimal will inform you immediately in case any of your animals leave the farm. Just put the collar on your animal and stay calm.

      Long duration battery

      From 6 months to 2 years so that you do not have to worry about anything, we will check the technology that best suits your area.

      Increase productivity

      Digitanimal helps you improve the profitability of your farm by reducing operating times and animal losses.

      Constant development

      We work with the best animal research centers to offer new and better functionalities.

      Total peace of mind

      Receive automatic notifications if your animal is not where it should or its behavior is not normal, all in a very simple way.

      Maintain full control of your farm

      Virtual fence

      Draw “safe areas” in the app and define when you want to be alerted.


      Know the exact location of your livestock and the route taken in the last 24 hours from your mobile phone and anywhere in the world.

      The best product for extensive cattle

      Activity tracking

      Digitanimal monitors daily activity of your livestock and sends you indicators on the animal’s activity and health.

      Location history

      All the locations are saved on our server so that you can see at any time and know which pastures are the best or the ones that your cattle like the most.

      Design and ergonomics

      Our devices will be the best friends of your cattle, small, robust and, above all, durable.

      Device shape

      The locator has a shape that adjusts easily to the neck of your animals, without affecting their movements.

      Dimensions and weight

      We have a light device with a weight of 265 grams, and which measures 4,1× 3 × 1.9 inch.

      Set up your alerts easily

      Digitanimal will automatically notify you if something happens on your farm, so you can manage your time and optimize your resources.

      Activity alerts

      Loss or theft alerts

      Temperature alerts

      Alerts for exit / entrance of the enclosure

      Frequent questions

      Is it important to know if I have coverage?

      Definitily, we use two different technologies to try to cover the entire territory. The Sigfox network is the best option, providing longer battery life since it is specifically designed for IoT devices. If this network is not available but instead there is GSM, it can be used.

      How much does the battery last?

      18 months with Sigfox and 6 months with GSM. We will review the coverage of your area and choose the technology that best suits you.

      Is it difficult to mount the device?

      Our device is very easy to assemble. The device must be located on the left side of the animal and with the letters forward. You just have to follow the instructions that we will send you, anyway, remember that we are always at your disposal to help you with what you need.

      Is the device resistant?

      We have a light and ergonomic device, it is also designed to be strong and durable, it is also completely waterproof, thus obtaining an IP67 standard.

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