Frequently asked questions


What animals can use it?
In all you want, cows, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, birds, wild boars, deer, etcetera.

What benefit do I have with Digitanimal?
Tranquility, time savings, fuel economy, less vehicle wear, automatic notifications when something out of the ordinary happens.

How much does the equipment cost?
Visit our store, here we will tell you all the details.

Digitanimal shop

Where can I see if I have coverage?
Look at the following link, here you can check it or contact us if you prefer.

Digitanimal coverage

Can I have multiple devices with a single phone?
Yes, all you want.

How long does the battery last?
It last about 1 year.

When do I know when the battery runs out?
You don’t have to worry about the battery, because this is included in the annual fee and when it’s ended a new one will be sent.

Why not a rechargeable battery?
Very simple, it’s more expensive, bigger and doesn’t last so long.

Can I see the route the animals have made?
Yes, for the last 3, 6 or 24 hours.

Can I have all the information about my animals?
Yes, on request you can have them in a database. Ask for it here

The animal has left and hasn’t notified me anything.
In order that the application notifies, you have to configure the rule in the configuration section. The application will notify with the second message outside the created limit.

Why do I have a few animals in green and others in yellow?
The application itself automatically detects the anomalies that animals can have, changing color if something out of the ordinary happens. The status indicators on the right show the parameters of the animal (surface temperature, activity, distance traveled and position on the farm).

How to measure the activity:
The activity we measure is the movement of the animal in the neck, in addition to the maximum acceleration of the animal.

The machine has not run for several hours:
The most common problem is that it is a lack of coverage, have you checked that it is covered or has it worked there before? If so, contact us and we will analyze it,

What if I don’t have coverage on my cell phone?
In case where you want to look for the animals do not have mobile coverage, it is recommended to search before arriving at the place without coverage, if the application hasn’t been closed previously the application will stored the last position of the animals.

Why us?
We offer an encapsulation specifically designed to be resistant and durable including a temperature probe to see the surface temperature of the animal, we get a year of battery life and the price of the equipment as of the renovation are very low, also we study animals behavior to detect anomalous events transmitted to the user through notifications. Working to detect jealousy, childbirth, illness, etc.

How much guarantee do you have?
2 years, by law, all systems must have this guarantee period.

Can you update the position of the device less frequently?
Yes, although you need to buy more than 5 equipment. It is also important to indicate that the battery life would diminish.

Can it detect deliveries?
Not currently, we are working to detect it, now we report strange behaviors and trajectories that may indicate delivery.

Can it detect animals on heat?
Not currently, we are working for their detection.

The product is very expensive
Don’t value if it is expensive or not, value the benefit you take with it, waste less time, spend less diesel, less wear the car, quiet, etcetera and all that includes that our device is the cheapest on the market and with longer battery life

The service is very expensive
In the monthly service of 3€ per device is included a spare battery per year, the share of the communication line and access to the platform. Any other system is more expensive than ours.

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