Save time and gas thanks to your GPS collars for livestock.


Friend Plan.

Get €40 for you,

and €25 for your farmer friend.

*Offer subject to conditions and availability of the promotion.

Plan Amigo

de digitanimal.

Llévate 40€ para ti,

y 25€ para tu amigo ganadero.

*Oferta sujeta a condiciones y disponibilidad. de la promoción.

Get 40€ for each new farmer you bring in.

Your farmer friend will also get 25€ off their first purchase.

Get up to 200€ as a discount coupon by bringing in 5 farmers.

Digitanimal Friend Plan

Get up to 200€…


Enjoy 40€ off the purchase of new devices for each new farmer you bring in up to 200€.


Your friend will also receive a 25€ discount on their first purchase of digitanimal devices.


In addition, once your friend has the devices active, they can also start inviting friends, so they can benefit from the campaign.

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Your friends are worth a lot


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