Gift Pack 3 GPS + 1 for FREE

539,95 (VAT included)

  2 year warranty
  All services included for 12 months*
  Renewal plans tailored to you
  VAT included
  30-day trial

Locating and monitoring your cattle has never been easier

Long battery life

18 moths with Sigfox and 6 months with GSM. We will review the coverage of your area and choose the technology with a better performance.

Increasing productivity

Digitanimal improves the profitability of your farm by reducing losses and increasing calving.


Forget getting worried about animals in the wrong place or in troubles, if its behavior is not right, you will be notified.

What do we offer you? ?

Everything you need to improve your profitability and be calm

Activity alerts

The activity sensor will notify you if there is an abnormal behavior change.

Temperature alerts

We study the temperature patterns to notify if something varies or is not correct.

Alerts for exit / entrance to the enclosure

Draw your virtual fences so that digitanimal automatically notifies you if any animal leaves or enters there.

Theft or loss alerts

The devices are prepared to report the loss or theft of both the animal and the sensor itself.

Save time and money

More than 3000 farmers already use it

How does it work?

It is very simple, let’s read it

Our robust, lightweight, ergonomic and waterproof device will be your animal’s best friend.

The device, once attached to the animal, will begin to learn from its behavior. Because knowing where it is is essential, but you will also know how it is.

Thanks to the APP for mobile and computer you can manage your farm and know the condition and location of your animals from anywhere and at any time.

Renewal plan

So you can access mobile applications

To guarantee the sending of data to the servers

To help you if you have problems

So devices can work

This will be your plan from the second year

Digitanimal GPS Tracker Renewal:

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