Digitanimal at the 11th European Conference on Precision Agriculture

The eleventh European Conference on Precision Agriculture was held last 16-20 July in Edinburgh, Scotland, celebrating 20 years since the first Congregation. The event brought together more than 500 congressmen from all over the world, with especially high participation from countries such as South America, North America and Asia, especially from China. The main research centers of Precision Agriculture in Europe were well represented. More information about this Conference at the following link

Through the presentation of posters, oral presentations, exhibitions in area for companies and sessions of business forum, this meeting fulfilled its purpose, to foster collaboration between the scientific community and industry .; Being the connection between academia and industry and between research and absolutely critical practice for the progress of Precision Agriculture.


Asistentes XI Conferencia Europea de Agricultura de Precisión

Exhibitors in area for companies, ECPA 2017.

Imagen XI Conferencia Europea de Agricultura de Precisión

Plenary talk in session Big Data and Precision Agriculture, “The future of Agriculture is in the Cloud”, M Smith, Connected Digital Services at Microsoft, ECPA 2017.

Imagen sala XI Conferencia Europea de Agricultura de Precisión

“Precision Grazing Management,” Precision monitoring systems for the performance and health of grazing livestock: remote and animal-mounted sensors for monitoring the feeding, performance and health of free-ranging animals “, M. Rutter, Professor at the University of Haper Adams, ECPA 2017.

A large group of reviewers form the Scientific Committee and are responsible for the editorial process. The submission of documents for the congress was very numerous, 350 of them have been selected by said committee. Among those selected is our contribution with the poster titled “Monitoring of the behavior of delivery in milk cows through the platform Digitanimal: preliminary studies.”

This study focuses on the representation of the different patterns of behavior expressed by cows around the time of delivery, as a previous study to predict the behavior of labor through the necklaces Digitanimal. As other authors claim, the time spent on rumination was lower at the time of calving. When the calving comes to an end, the usual relationship between the time the cows spend to rest and to ruminate changes, recovering again in the hours after calving. We can conclude that through this study can show changes in the behavior pattern of cows related to movements of the head of the animal, for this reason in the future we will focus our analysis on the data from the accelerometer of the Digitanimal collar to be able to predict The behavior of calving in extensive cows. This study has been carried out in SERIDA (Villaviciosa, Asturias) thanks to funds received by the EU through the SME Horizonte2020 research and innovation program.

Calving behaviour poster ECPA 2017

Poster presented in session Precision Grazing Management, “Calving behavior monitoring through Digitanimal platform in dairy cows: preliminary results”, C. Santiago, Responsible for Animal Research Sensowave, ECPA 2017.

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